The title of this site comes from the book by Harvey Mackay,  “Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt:  Do What You Love, Love What You Do, and Deliver More Than You Promise”.

This is the Internet presence of Peter LuVert Ayala Ph.D., an expert, specializing in Instructional Design, Educational Technology, and Visual Arts Instruction.

My mission is to help people enjoy
a higher quality of life through
education, art & music.

Research interests include Arts Education, Instructional Design, and Mobile Learning.

The title of my online media initiative: "Naked Man Media", comes from the book by Harvey Mackay,

“Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt”

Current Objectives:

  • Recruiting and hiring talent
  • Partnering with existing companies interested in entering the emerging mobile learning market.
  • Purchasing land, and building a sustainable multi-use facility for instructional design, multimedia production, and mobile learning meetups.


The creation of a minimum of eight full-time agency jobs. Funding is sought for efforts to recruit startup staff, investors, and grassroots supporters.

Current Goals:

  • Expand the Management Team for optimal "Mobile Learning Sector" growth.
  • Diversify Instructional Design, Multimedia, and IT-Management responsibilities.
  • Use analytics to identify potential clients.


I provide a futuristic approach to educational technology development and learning design, using research-based solutions. Contact me, If you share my interest in improving people's quality of life through arts and education.