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Welcome to Art Exploration at Frank Cody High School

Students' are provided instruction related to the principals and elements of art. In addition to basic drawing and composition, students also receive art history and art appreciation lessons. When assignments are completed, students use mobile devices to photograph and email their artwork to me:

This incorporates the use of technology into every lesson and provides a record of completed assignments for students and parents. If your student has a mobile device ask them to show you their artwork in their photos app or their email sent messages. A cellphone is provided for students that need one to email their assignments, or students may work with a partner to send assignments.

Students receive art appreciation lessons that expose them to current and historical artists. Some of the artists we have reviewed are:

Dean Mitchell, Frank Lloyd Wright, Roy Lichtenstein, Shepard Fairy, Marry Cassatt, Georgia O'Keeffe, James Van Der Zee, Andy Warhol, and Salvadore Dali.

Register your student on this site so that they can submit assignments that you can view anytime.