The Second Amendment

Many of us support the Second Amendment as it is written. However, when people say “I support the Second Amendment therefore I support the right of United States Citizens to carry firearms”, they are really saying that they support the current interpretation of the Second Amendment.

The Second amendment was not intended to support individual gun ownership rights. The legal interpretation that is currently used to justify gun ownership is a result of lobbying by those that benefit financially and or psychologically from the sale of firearms. Their emotional fears and financial greed are manifested in the current FALSE interpretation of the Second Amendment. To support anything other than the “States’ Right” to maintain “Well-REGULATED Militias”, is contrary to the purpose and intent of the amendment.

If someone states: “I support the current interpretation of the Second Amendment therefore I support the right of an American Citizen to carry firearms”, they are not only expressing their support of the Second Amendment, they are also acknowledging that the Second Amendment was not intended to support individual gun ownership rights.

Civil Rights and The NRA 1871

When viewed in the context of its development, the NRA which promotes its origins in altruistic ways: https://home.nra.org/about-the-nra/ also is responsible for promoting and supporting RACIST gun laws: https://newrepublic.com/article/112322/gun-control-racist. Whether you believe the NRA or those that make the argument that it is an organization that does not support “Life Liberty and Justice for All”, it’s very clear that our country is not well served by the NRA and the agenda of its membership.

Bigotry is the motivation behind the current interpretation of the Second Amendment.

People also need to know the history of the current legal interpretation of the Second Amendment and the motivation for it.

RACISTS resentful of the changes in society, those fearing retribution for their unjust treatment of others, RACISTS that are against “Life Liberty and Justice for All” and any favorable advancement of people in our society, other than themselves, wanted to make it easy and legal for them to obtain firearms not only to protect themselves from their perceived enemies but also for their use in domestic terrorism.

It is the current FALSE interpretation of the Second Amendment and those that promote, support and profit from this FALSE interpretation that are responsible for the staggering loss of our citizens by firearms.

Understanding the history of the NRA and the character of the individuals that started it provides the context for the current interpretation of the Second Amendment. The history of the Second Amendment, its current legal interpretation and any proposed reinterpretation of it should be discussed clearly and honestly without biased political positioning. To end the killing of our citizens the history of the interpretation that you support should not be left out of the discussion.


1. The Second Amendment should be interpreted as it is written or everyone should be armed.

This is the simplest solution because it requires that the STATES take the responsibility for regulating a well-maintained militia. The rights extended to the STATES by the Second Amendment requires the STATES to be responsible for the production of firearms, and the screening, training and testing of citizens. The STATES would also benefit from the manufacture and regulatory control of firearms instead of the federal government.

2. Required all citizens to serve two years of mandatory public service. They could serve in the armed forces or in state or federally managed social service forces. Doing so provides an opportunity to screen, train and test citizens that want to own and carry firearms. If someone refuses to serve, or is not mentally or physically able to meet the requirements of service, they would not be able to legally obtain a firearm.

This solution has multiple benefits. The armed forces will have a broader pool of service members and not be negatively impacted by the issues associated with being dependent on an all-volunteer military force. It would be easier for the military to identify those citizens that do not have mental capacity and or ability to be responsible firearm owners.

Only military veterans would be allowed to own military firearms. Those citizens that choose social service would be screened trained and tested in the use of firearms and have the right to own and carry firearms.

These solutions are simple and just. They do not require any changes to the Second Amendment. They simply require a conservative interpretation of the Second Amendment as it is written and not the current liberal and bigoted reinterpretation promoted and accepted by a minority of firearms owners. They require the support of good people with the desire to have a safer and more just society.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Our country has a history of creating inappropriate legal interpretations that result in producing greater harm than good. Just as those inappropriate legal interpretations have been overturned or clarified, so too can the current FALSE interpretation that so many “Gun Enthusiast” lean on to support the belief that they have a right to own “Tools” designed to kill people.

As always, changing our society for the better requires our citizens to be patriotic enough to put aside their selfish needs, desires and to serve our country.

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