Penta Umoja


This image represents an “Organization Chart”, based on my philosophy of Leadership and Teamwork. The name of the form of business and social organization is taken from my Dean of Pledges. I pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. While attending The University of the District of Columbia.

My Dean had been on a line that named themselves “Penta Umoja”, and he explained that because there were five members of his pledge line and they wanted to express unity the line name they chose represented, Penta combining form; having five and Umoja – unity in Swahili.

When contemplating the organizational structure of my ideal Team I developed a series of beliefs:

    1. The ideal number for a small and efficient team is 5.
    2. A team should be comprised of skilled talented leaders.
    3. Members of your team should be developed in expectation of their departure.
    4. As leaders are developed and leave, they become adjunct supporters.
    5. The members of the organization move up to replace the departed.

Unlike most business and social organizations that seek to maintain the people that they have invested in, this model’s focus embraces the reality of departure. Acknowledging that if leaders are developed correctly they will eventually need an opportunity to use their talents in leading their own organizations. This aspect of my Penta Umoja model thus becomes a tool for creating an outside network of supporters.

Creativity & Trust

In my life, I have been blessed with a few great leaders. I’ve had the opportunity to experience a privileged lifestyle and I’ve had the opportunity to experience the benefits of struggle. Throughout my experiences, I’ve used my unlimited creativity in many ways and developed a variety of interests. Being a member of a team is always my preference because I believe that I’m most effective in working with and or leading others.

Viewing my website will inform you of my multiple interests. There is a common belief that to be successful you must focus on one thing. However, we have seen that there are many serial entrepreneurs that benefit from multiple enterprises. For this to happen they must recruit talented individuals that they can trust. They must recruit a network of partners, employees, and supporters that they can trust to maintain their vision. Considering my vast interest, I found it necessary to limit my focus to four subject areas:

  • Business Development
  • Visual Arts Creation & Education
  • Music
  • Social Activism

The Penta Umoja Philosophy is being applied to reify my entrepreneurial goals. The four secondary ovals represent my four interest, and I seek talented leaders that are willing to support my vision and leadership.

Multiple websites and social media pages have been created to structure and promote my entrepreneurial goals. I am looking for existing businesses and individuals that are team-oriented and can be trusted with the leadership of each area of my vision.

Each division leader will be responsible for recruiting four trusted businesses or individuals that can support their leadership.

Those four leaders will be responsible for recruiting four trusted businesses or individuals that can support their leadership. This “Penta Umoja Network”, comprised of eighty-five individuals will collaborate on business and leadership development. As members grow and depart the organization as supporters, remaining members will advance and new trusted members will be recruited.

Join me,

Dr. Peter LuVert Ayala Ph.D.

Peter Ayala LLC.