Terms of Service

Membership Agreement

You do not need to be a participant in the research study to be a member of the guitar learning community. Those that choose not to participate in the study can be involved as, instructors, musicians, guitar enthusiast, or other community members. Everyone that uses this site and it’s associated social media pages is required to commit to sharing their knowledge and supporting guitar education “FREE” of charge without any form of compensation.

Non study participants are encouraged to use a “Mobile Device” (Smartphone, Phablet or Tablet) when interacting in the community, and when using the GitShed Course Management System, Internal and External Community/Social Media Pages, and when communicating with other members of the “FREE” GitSged.com “Mobile Device Based Learning Environment”.

When using the Naked Man Media (NMM) Community Site I understand that I:

  • will be a learner, instructor or project supporter, and member of a guitar learning community.
  • am not authorized to engage in any commercial activity on this or any related NMM site or social media page.
  • recognize that this is a “FREE” guitar learning project and I will not attempt to recruit students or sell lessons.
  • recognize that this is a “FREE” guitar learning project and acknowledge that I will not be financially compensated for my participation.
  • can not attempt to promote my, or anyone else’s commercial guitar instruction site(s), page(s) or materials.
  • will not participate in any unlawful activity on this or any related NMM site or page.
  • will not violate the privacy of other NMM users or use their personally identifiable information in any way.

If during registration I choose to be a research study participant, I agree to complete the consent form and only use Internet-enabled Smartphones, Phablets, and or Tablets while participating in this research project. I also commit to making an honest and sincere effort to learn and or teach guitar for the duration of the eight (10) lesson course. My interactions in the “Peter Ayala – Naked Man Media Community” will be supportive of the learning and collaboration process. By registering and providing the requested “Participant Information” and creating my member profile I agree to all of these terms.