Cause! Iʻve Got a Cause! An ETEC-642 Post

This week I learned more about Twitter and Social media to support social causes.  Taking what we learned in class last Wednesday about Twitter and applying it to our group assignment was very exciting to me. I have had a Twitter account for many years yet I have only made 151 Tweets. I feel very restrained by the 140 character count and have viewed Twitter as an update vehicle more so than an information medium. The use of Twitter to promote social causes if clearer to me than ever before and I find that exciting. I am encouraged to investigate the potential of Twitter as a medium for social activism.

The Reading references listed below helped me to understand emerging technologies better. I learned more about how emerging technologies can be used as an essential tool in the promotion of social causes. In a way, the methodology of social causes’ caused me to think creatively about how to use two technologies that I have learned more about in ETEC-641, and Twitter. The reading references presented information that made the use of these two technologies possible. In addition, my teammate Melissaʻs use of exposed me to a viable web site creation option that I did not know much about. I had previously explored Weebly, but had not really interacted with it to manage a web site. It was so easy to use I am considering it for my dissertation project. This was a new insight I realized that may help me to solve a research project problem with WordPress.

This week’s activities can be strengthened by greater coordination of assignments. I am still confused about team peer reviews. I got the impression that assignment 1, peer reviews are due July 22, when I did mine last week. If anyone know how to clear this up please do so.

I would like to learn more about how the ‪#FFaboutme hashtag was created. Specifically, I want to know how to create a similar hashtag that will link pages to the Twitter feeds I create. I think this would make our teem project much more effective.

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