ETEC-642 Finding Top Dogs on Twitter

For two consecutive weeks my Facilitating Online Learning class has explored “Twitter” and itʻs use as a social media tool. I have had a Twitter account for quite some time now, but I have to admit that prior to this class I have not taken full advantage of itʻs functions. After an in class presentation I decided Iʻd try to find the “Top Dogs” in Mobile Learning and Educational Technology.

I used those terms in the Twitter search and identified users that posted frequently and had lots of followers. Once I found them I followed them, then I created a Twitter list for each term and added the Top Dogs to their respective list. I spent two hours going through search results for the month of July 2013 and ended up following over 120 people. Before I was done I could hear my smartphone alerts going off. People started following me because I had followed them, and for the next several days I continued to get alerts.

Because of this experience I have become more interested in Twitter and I have  gained a larger following. I hope to learn a lot from the “Top Dogs In these areas!

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