ETEC-647, FDA approves Mobisante’s smartphone ultrasound | mobihealthnews

FDA approves Mobisante’s smartphone ultrasound | mobihealthnews.

My interest in Smartphones and Tablets has caused me to think of the many possible uses for these Mobile Devices (MD) other than communication.  The computing power contained by MD makes any number of things possible.  This article reveals one of many medical uses that are coming to the mobile market. The use of smartphones with ultrasound capability is very exciting.



I have been following the development of medical related products, specifically blood pressure and diabetes testing technology in the hope of developing a mobile device that incorporates these functions. Diabetes is a major threat in many countries and millions of people are managing their health with portable meters.  Following the convergence theme a device that not only test blood sugar levels, but has the ability to transmit results to medical databases should be high in demand.



Why not build these functions into mobile devices?  There are already apps that give mobile device users the ability to record and report the results. But users need to get the information from separate devices and input the data in the MD app. Building these functions into MD is a reasonable solution.

Mobile devices with medical functions will be great health and education tools. The use of smartphones with ultrasound capability is helping to move use in the right direction. I look forward to the FDA promoting these emerging technologies.

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