ETEC-647, Smartphones Help Diagnose Cancer – Mobiledia

Smartphones Help Diagnose Cancer – Mobiledia.

This article adds to the discussion on emerging technologies in education.  The potential of mobile devices as educational tools seems to be limitless.  Medical education will benefit from the application of new diagnostic technologies applied to small, portable, communication devices.

I am interested in applying bloodless metering diagnostic tools for diabetic smartphone users.  It makes sense to incorporate the ability to test blood sugar levels, store results in a database for tracking and comparison, and have the use of mobile device communication functions.

There are already smartphone apps that enable diabetics to store and track metered results. However, two devices are needed, a device to take and analyze the sample, and a smartphone with app for storing the results in a database.

It’s time for a converged solution and the article “Smartphones Help Diagnose Cancer – Mobiledia.”, shows the potential for mobile devices as healthcare educational tools.

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