ETEC-652D Max Frustration

The October 6, 2011 class session was one of the most frustrating SecondLife (SL) experiences I have had.  The SL update and related changes to the user interface and functions are  what I believe made things so difficult.  After class I had to decompress and remember that learning to use new technology sometimes comes with exciting breakthroughs and sometimes devastating frustrations. This has been my experience with new technology.

When I was reflecting on all of the problems that occurred I remembered the saying “sometimes you’ve got to flow with the changes”.  Yes, things don’t always go the way they are suposed to, or the way you think they should. SecondLife has a steep learning curve and therefore a bit of frustration can be expected. I believe that the potential educational benefits of SL are worth putting up with a bit of frustration.  When learning new technologies and teaching methods, keeping the benefits in mind will get you through rough times.  Thats what got me through this very frustrating experience.

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