ETEC-652D Sharing & Caring in SL

For a new builder some task can be intimidating. For my area of our group project I needed a fire. We decided it would be nice to have a camp fire setting in the post-op recovery section of our site. Then came the challenge. Build or buy? As a new builder in SL I felt it would be easier to buy the camp fire then build it. However, I found it hard to find one for sale using SL’s search engine. I was able to locate a site that identified a camp fire and ended up roaming around looking for it. The site had a lot of nice builds with tons of stuf for sale. I was roaming through a really nice home by a beach and happened to run into the builder. i asked if he knew where a camp fire was and he directed me to the beach. I told him about my project and asked how I could obtain the nice fire he had built. His reply was “ask nicely” and I did! For no cost I was able to get just what I needed for our site. I think this is a great example of sharing and caring in SL.

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