ETEC-652D SL and PhotoShop Joy!

I really enjoy the ability to upload images in Second Life. For a small fee you can add an image to use for build development. For my groups project I created a Flat Screen Display for use as a URL media player. First I did a Google search for images of flat screens. When I found one that I liked, I downloaded it. ┬áNext, I opened the image in Adobe PhotoShop and cleaned it up using editing tools then saved it as a .png file. After that I used the Build > Upload function to import the image to SL. Once the upload was completed I was able to create a prim and add the image to a face as a texture. ┬áThat’s it! What I thought was a complicated process turned out to be very simple. I am encouraged by the ease of this process and look forward to using PhotoShop in SL.

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