ETEC-652D SL When All Is Said And Done

I registered for ETEC-652D because I had been exposed to the Second Life (SL) Multi User Virtual Environment (MUVE) in a previous class and I wanted to explore the educational potential of the environment. The semester began with many technical problems. My laptop kept crashing even though it met the system requirements. After some of the many SL updates during the semester I would have problems logging in (See previous post for the solution).  I had to lean on our graduate teaching assistant (TA) for additional support due to the technical difficulties. And the final project presentation also presented some challenges (See previous presentation post).

My TA was great! I was able to investigate many of the issues on my own and find solutions. However, My TA provided technical solutions, suggestions and encouragement in addition to supplementing Dr. Leong’s instruction.  My teammates were great to work with and together we completed a really nice project.  SL has a steep learning curve that is intellectually challenging.  I am excited by the educational potential of MUVEs in general and SL specifically.  The presentations have been made and assignments completed, when all is said and done it was a great class and rewarding semester.

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