Spring 2013 – Dissertation Studies

Currently writing a short description/abstract introducing my research topic:

“Learning To Play Guitar Using Mobile Devices”

Participant Perceptions of Mobile Learning In A Community of Practice

The instructional framework of the dissertation research is based on Community of Practice Learning Theory (CoP), Flipped Classroom Instruction and Game Infused Education. I am conducting this study to test my instructional model design, and to gain an understanding of user attitudes and opinions regarding learning in this mobile device based learning environment.

Community of Practice Learning Theory has been explored in online communities for some time now. (IC) As mobile devices change the computing landscape it is necessary to test CoP learning theory to see how it can be implemented in a mobile device, learning environment. Of particular interest in this design based dissertation research, is the use of mobile device, video conferencing capabilities to supplant face-to-face instruction. This study will inform educators of the issues and challenges related to learner engagement, community development, video and videoconferencing use in the mobile device, learning environment.

Last Fall

I took a computer science course, ICS-668 – Social Infomatics, from Dr. Daniel Stuthers. The course readings helped to inform the design of my doctoral research site: http://www.gitshed.com this site, when completed, and a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GitShed will be used by research participants interested in learning to play guitar using only mobile devices.

Free Online Courses:

Here are some of the ways free online courses and mobile devices are changing education.




Corporate application of a video based, online learning environment, using multiple mobile devices:



Learntobe.org, videoconferencing and annotation online tools to supplement Face to Face (FTF) interaction.




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