The World Needs A Better Educated America!

If you are wondering why so much misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and shear stupidity is floated around on the Internet and in todayʻs media, look at these numbers:

“As of last March, 30.4 percent of people over age 25 in the United States held at least a bachelor’s degree, and 10.9 percent held a graduate degree, up from 26.2 percent and 8.7 percent 10 years earlier.”

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One of the most important things one should obtain by earning a college degree is the reinforcement of critical thinking skills. Critical thinking enables us to see through the weak misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and shear stupidity that the media, marketers, politicians and special interest groups thrust on the 70% of Americans that are in the susceptible majority.

One of the first things you learn in a public speaking or marketing class is to understand your audience. Public speakers write in order to get the desired message across, and the best response out of their audience. Marketers write to motivate purchase decisions and to influence commercial related thought.

Today’s media is not much different than yesterday’s, in it’s desire to generate a Return on Investment (ROI).  The evolution of the media has dictated that they focus their message to reach the majority at all times in order to grow and generate the greatest ROI. It does not matter what the product, service, ideology or experience someone is trying to sell, they are obligated to create messages that reach the largest audience.

Society is impacted by the polarizing effect this creates. Media messages are crafted for the over two-thirds uneducated majority, because they form the largest voting block. 

When you see all the crazy weird stuff, donʻt get upset. Think about these numbers and realize that if you are educated and have strong critical thinking skills, the misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and shear stupidity is not targeted at you. Itʻs meant for the uneducated majority.


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