There is no such thing as “Black on Black Crime”!

This is RACIST propaganda cloaked in a positive message. There is no such thing as “Black on Black Crime” it is a false issue.  Ministers, Politicians and the Media have been promoting this false issue since the 1970s, to serve their agendas. It is racist because it implies that there is something wrong with black people. It is propaganda, because this stupidity is used to make or support an unreasonable set of assumptions. Whenever anyone is presented with this “False” issue, they should put on their “Wisdom Hat” and teach the true facts related to this “Back Door Racism” Here’s how:

First, ask the person, “In a civilization of humans, no matter how lager or small, will there be a criminal element?”

Answer: Yes

Second, ask, “Do criminals create and seek opportunities to commit crimes”?

Answer: Yes

Third, ask, “So if a black person, lives in a black community, and is prone to commit a crime, what might the victim look like?”

Answer: A black person.

Fourth, ask, “Is it reasonable to think that someone in a civilized community that is prone to commit a crime, would leave their community for another community where they stand out, because no one in that community looks like them, just to commit a crime?

Answer: No that would be highly unlikely because, if someone is a criminal they will most likely commit their crimes in the community that they live in.

Fifth, ask, “If a criminal chose their victims based on race would you consider them a racist?”

Answer: Yes

Now ask, “When Ministers, Politicians the Media and you, use the phrase “Black on Black Crime” are you dealing with the real issue “CRIME” or trying to exploit the issue by injecting race?”

Answer: No, we are avoiding the real issue “Crime” and the societal motivations that cause criminals to commit crimes and yes, that is a racist exploitation of the real issue of “CRIME”.

Finally, state: “Whenever someone needlessly injects race into an issue they are being racist, because that’s what “RACIST” do.

It does not matter what the racist looks like, if they behave in a racist manner, harbor racist feelings or say racist things, they are a “Racist”!

If someone still does not understand these questions and the simple logic of this inquiry, ask them what they think of “White on White Crime”!

Take this, place it in a word processor and do a “find and replace” for the words Black and black with White and white or Yellow and yellow or Red and red or Green and green, to further illustrate my point that injecting race is only meant to serve a racist agenda.

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