United States of America

Many people don’t understand that America is not a country. The United States of America is a country. America, or the Americas are geographical regions that stretch from the arctic to the antarctic. Everyone that lives in these regions are Americans. All Cubans are Americans, so to call someone that was born in the United States but, whose parents came from Cuba, a Cuban American makes no sense. If they had been born in Cuba they still would be a Cuban American.

With this in mind, what if all of the Americas was the United States of America? What would that kind of democracy look like? What would be the 10 most important concerns of national interest? What would be the national sports and where would the teams be located? How would the news be distributed and what would it look like? And, what would the role of this one United States of America be in relationship to the rest of the world?


These questions and others make for many great storylines.

Each current country would become a state and have a Governor and two Senators. States would become counties and counties would become districts. How many Governors, Senators and Congressmen would that be? Who would be the President and where would the capital be?

How would the issues that we deal with today be dealt with in this context?


Proposed Storyline

The Constitution

This story deals with the Second Amendment and the gun control issue. Perspective are presented that represent current and potential responses from other “States”.

What personal stories can be woven into this alternate view of what the United States of America would be?

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