“The Recruiters” Movie Development

“The Recruiters”

Movie Treatment:

This movie tells the story of seven highly motivated recruiters.

1.) College Sports
2.) Corporate Executive
3.) Radical Organization
4.) Pimp
5.) Armed Services
6.) Music Industry
7.) Missionary

We are not head hunters! Head hunters fill positions. We acquire loyalty!

The 7 individual stories are introduced by a narrator that is trying to build a team of recruiters to acquire the services and talents of a highly sought after group of people.


Anyone can be motivated by an exceptional recruiter

Everything is negotiable, make the best deal that you can and take responsibility for the choices you make.

The value of choices, good or bad.

Understanding power dynamics and when you have the power.


Beware false promises

What do you dream when your dreams come true?


This is a prequel caper story that leads up to the movie “Douglian Dreams”.
Acting as the master recruiter, the “Narrator/Actor” introduces the 7 recruiters, tells their stories and explains why they are each important to “the mission”.

The mission is to build an empire that follows the “Narrator/Actor’s deep pocket agenda of political and economic control. Each recruiter is tasked with acquiring the services of someone crucial to the narrators plan and the stories of how the get the job done rounds out the movie and sets up the next two movies, “Douglian Dreams” and “The Douglian Conspiracy”.

7 Samurai, The Usual Suspects, and movies that present mini-movies within a movie are major style influences.

If you are interested in participating in the development of this project please comment and contact me: pete@peterayala.com


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