ETEC-642 How much disclosure is comfortable to you online in view of the benefit from sharing?

In light of the recent security disclosures in America by Edward Snowden, how much disclosure is comfortable to you online in view of the benefit from sharing?

I am comfortable with full online disclosure. My view is impacted by my belief that “There is no such thing as privacy in the modern world!!! Even mail was not private when post offices were created. Nor were the telegraph or telephones when they were invented. To maintain the belief that privacy exist is irrational”.

Identity theft and other threats occur on and off line. Internet users should not make it easy for criminals, but choosing to not put personal information online does not necessarily provide any greater protection. Our information is out there and any determined individual with the required skill set can find what they want. If your personal data is in a public database it’s not personal anymore. I tend to be more concerned about private companies that sell personal data without providing royalties to the individuals who’s information they are selling. This to me is a social injustice and presents the question: who owns my name, birthdate, address, telephone number, blood type, etc?

If we truly own our information then it should not be sold by middle men. If our information is in public databases and those databases are compromised how should the caretakers of the lost information be punished? To me there are more important questions that need to be addressed than the irrational fear of loss of privacy.

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